Thrifty Thursday No. 1 : Summer Chic

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I like to consider myself as a penny-pinching, money-saving, bargain-finding queen of frugality. So, I've created a new segment of my blog that is solely dedicated to finding deals and saving money in all sorts of ways--whether it be clothing, home goods, house-keeping... whatever! 

So let's jump right in to my very first challenge: a comfortable, cute summer outfit, straight outta the thrift store! While serving as a full-time missionary for the LDS church, I would volunteer at a thrift store once a week and gained a strong testimony of those places. You can find some pretty good stuff!! I know sometimes we hear the words "Thrift Store" or "Donation Center" and maybe cringe at the sound. I'm guilty. I've been there. But I've been converted. 

This week, I challenged myself to find a functional outfit that didn't cost me a fortune. I didn't set a budget because it was my first attempt and wasn't really sure how things were priced at the stores I selected. 

My first stop was a place that I've driven past many a time but never thought to stop in. It's called "The Liquidation Team". When I heard "liquidation" I thought of the "Lumber Liquidators" commercial and thought it was the same thing... (face plam). I sure am glad I know how to laugh at myself. It wasn't until last week when my cute husband and I drove past it and I noticed the sign said "Furniture...Housewares...Clothing..." and I made him get closer so I could peek in the windows (it was late at night, so it was closed). I was pretty impressed with what I saw so I made it a point to come back!

I took a couple of friends with me and we were all intrigued with their merchandise. It reminded me of a store like TJ Maxx or Ross -- they buy lots of things from local stores and sell it for a cheaper price. Although I did think there were a few items that were over-priced. For example, I used to work for a clothing store and can tell on their tags when an item first came into the store. It will usually read something like "0018070000". The "18" is the year, and the "07" would be the month. The numbers following are the item number. So this example would have come in in July 2018. At the store I worked at, usually if the item was more than 3 months old, it would be put on clearance. Well, I saw a blouse from the store I used to work at and read the tag: "0015010000". This darn thing was from January 2015 and they were asking $20 for it. Um.. no. It was cute, for sure, but I didn't consider that a bargain. I did find several other things I would have loved to purchase, but I have a birthday coming up (ON SUNDAY) and didn't want to risk the whole "well, you spent $X at the thrift store, so that can be part of your gift". I'm very cautious when it comes to those things okay. I ended up with a pair of green denim capris (that I have been trying to hunt down for MONTHS.. the ones I find are all to expensive!) and a cute and soft grey cardigan. The best part about this place was that everything was new with tags! Some things did have defects, but I was sure to inspect everything before I considered buying.

My second stop was Savers. It was basically in the same parking lot as the first store, so it was mighty convenient. I had just been to Savers about a month ago when I was shopping for pants for girls camp, and I was super impressed with the variety and quality of clothing and wanted to come back asap! I will say though, I think that Savers is a bit pricey for a thrift store. I assume that they don't have a consistent pricing agenda because I found two of the same dress (same brand, same style, same color, same condition), but one was priced $5.99 and the other was $9.99. I don't know what that sorcery is all about. I ended up getting 3 things at Savers: a blouse, a pair of shoes, and a hat! 

All in all, I'd say it was a successful trip. I came up with this super cute outfit:

Not bad for pre-loved clothes huh?

Below are all of the items shown in the above picture. I'm a neomaxizoomdweebie (if you can tell me where that word is from without looking it up, I'll give you a prize) and forgot to include my cute cardigan, so I'll have to include that in another post. 

 Unbranded Fedora - $7.99 (Savers)

H & M Bedazzled Hi-Rise Blouse - $7.99 (Savers)

Jessica Simpson Sage Green Capris - $9.00 (The Liquidation Team)

Merona Fuchsia Flats $4.49 (Savers)

Total cost of outfit (before tax): $29.47

That's less than the price of a brand new boutique blouse!

Well, what do you think?? How did I do? What would you do differently? 

Moral of this blog post: give thrift stores a try. Everyone (and everything) deserves a second chance. If you are a savvy thrifter too, I want to hear about your golden finds in the comments below!!

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  1. Just ask Hayden - He sported a lot of outfits from Savers when he was a wee lad. :)

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