15 Goals You Can Achieve This Year

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January is nearly over, and statistically, a lot of "New Year's Resolutions" have died 
down by now. I’ve personally never been a fan of them. I mean, why should anyone have 
to wait until January 1st every year to get the motivation to change something about them? 
I don’t get it. ANYONE can change, at ANY time. Remember that.

If your New Year's Resolution has dwindled, don't be discouraged! I want to share with 
you a few of the goals I've made for myself, along with a few extra ideas that you could try.

1.    Go Green
But not in the way you think (although that is a good one as well)! I have a terribly 
vicious sweet tooth, and seem to never be able to overcome the temptation to eat a 
full king-size Kit-Kat in one sitting (I may or may not be doing just that as I write this post...)
 The spirit is willing, but the flesh is so, so weak. My family has a history of health issues
 related to sugar intake. I want to have healthy babies, who have a healthy mom. Although
 we haven’t started trying for kids yet, I want to be sure that when the time comes, I will be
 healthy and capable of carrying a child and be around long enough to share their life with
 them. Every child deserves that. So, I am making it a habit to not only eat “healthier” in 
general, but to eat at least one serving of greens a day. Be it lettuce in a salad, spinach or
 kale in a smoothie, or some other nutrient, fibrous handful of leaves on my dinner plate, it’s
 gonna happen. 

2.    Go Zero Waste
This is the part where we talk about the other “Go Green”. Recently, I’ve been inspired to
 stop being so wasteful! I was bad, y’all. I would wear a shirt once and toss it in the laundry
 basket even though the pits didn’t reek and there were no stains from the previously
 mentioned Kit-Kat bar... I was doing like 3 large loads of laundry a week for two people, and
 more than 2/3 of it all was mine! What’s more is that I accumulated more plastic grocery
 sacks than there are days in a year, used Ziploc bags religiously, and drank several plastic
 bottles of water in a day. And you know where it all ended up?? IN THE GARBAGE!! 
(I know I referenced Mr. Grinch in a recent post, but just imagine his voice once more saying that line. 
It’s more entertaining that way.)

My sister pointed out to me one day that I don’t need to use a straw or even a plastic 
lid when I go out to eat, and that’s what jump-started my Zero-Wasteness. 
Well, I’m not going 100% zero waste, but I am trying to be more practical and kind to the environment. 
And who knew?! It’s saving me money too! 
More on this in a future post!

3.    Drink More Water
I know you don’t hear this enough already, so I wanted to remind you how important it is 
to DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Back in November, I bought this water bottle 
from Walmart. Yes, I am aware that it is bigger than my face, and seems unnatural 
for transportation. The thing I dislike most about it is that it doesn’t fit in my cup holder, 
so any time I’m driving around, it just rolls over my entire floorboard. We always play 
a game of Hide-and-Seek when the car ride is over. I’m always the seeker. 
It’s SO unfair. But the great thing about this baby is that it’s 64 ounces, 
which is just the amount the average person needs for a full day of hydration! 
So I just take it with me everywhere I go and I usually never need to refill it. 
Once it’s empty, I’ve reached my goal for the day! And I’ve also gone to the 
bathroom about 37 times.

Drinking plenty of water helps your skin to be clear, your hair and nails to grow, 
your body to have energy, your organs to function properly, your stomach to be 
fuller faster, and flushes your body of excess water weight and toxins! If that isn’t 
enough to convince you to drink more water, just go to Google. I’m sure he’s 
got way more reasons.

4.    Exercise Regularly
Ah, the notorious, typical New Year’s Resolution. And that’s exactly what it should be! 
You already know the benefits of exercise, so I’m not going to explain them. 
But I’m putting it out there that I’m making a goal to exercise at least 10 minutes a 
day (for the same reasons in goal #1). Something is better than nothing, right?? 
Also, if you’re looking for a great at-home workout, I highly recommend 
Cassey Ho over at Blogilates. She’s a total rockstar!

5.    Stop Being Late
I’ve had this problem my entire life. BUT I CAN CHANGE!! Like I said earlier, 
ANYONE can change at ANY time. I’ve had a huge guilt complex about my lateness 
recently--I sound like a hypocrite when I say this, but being late is just flat-out 
rude. Something's gotta give, whether it's spending less time on your phone in the 
morning, or skipping your daily smoothie run. Prioritize and BE ON TIME!

6.    Stick to a Budget
Financial problems have been among the leading causes of stress basically since the dawn 
of time. Cut the unnecessary junk out of your life and focus on what's really important! 
Spend less on your grocery bill (my husband and I cut our grocery bill down this month to 
ONE FIFTH of what we usually spend! More about that in a future post), go on cheaper 
dates, stop buying a new blouse every month, eat out less, and use all the money 
you save towards something you REALLY want! Your wallet and your lack of stress 
will thank you.

7.    Be Kind
In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, "Where is the Love?" People are just flat-out 
MEAN these days--and a lot of the time, they don't mean to be. Being unkind is just as 
much of a habit as biting your nails. Some people were born that way, 
some developed it over time. But anyone can change. Be slow to react and calm 
in the midst of frustration. Calling someone a name or insinuating their incompetence 
does no good for you nor that person. Whatever the situation, just let it roll like 
water off of a duck's back. 

In addition to not saying anything at all, make an effort to go out of your way 
to compliment someone every day. If I like a girl's nails, I tell her! If I like someone's 
outfit, I compliment it! A kind notion will never be rejected, and it will be extra appreciated 
by someone that may be having a bad day. 

8.    Less Screen Time
Staring at a screen of any kind for an excessive amount of time is just bad, okay? 
Not just for your eyes, but for your mental health and general well-being. 
Keep it limited. You'll do yourself a favor by not comparing yourself to all of the 
seemingly perfect Insta-famous humans. You'll find that you will have more time to do 
all of the other things on this list, and more! Plus, your vision will last longer, so that's good.

9.    Read 10 Books
Or 20. Or 6. Or 78. Doesn't matter. Just read more often! Reading has numerous benefits:
 it increases your creativity and imagination, it can transport you away from the crazy 
day you've had, improves your memory and attention span (two things that desperately 
need help in my own life), and can enhance your vocabulary. Reading is very relaxing, 
and you can pretty much do it anywhere!

10.  Operate on a Schedule
When I was a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
I could swear to you for many reasons that I was living my BEST life! One of those 
reasons being that I lived a strict schedule: wake up at 6:30, exercise for 30 minutes, 
get ready, study for two hours, various other activities during the day, come home at 9:00 
and prepare for the evening and be in bed by 10:30. It sounds crazy, but it was 
absolutely wonderful! I knew what I would be doing every minute of every day 
(well, for the most part... sometimes God had other plans). 

There are countless benefits of having a daily schedule, such as feeling less tired, 
being less stressed, and actually accomplishing the things you desire! Wake up an hour 
earlier to exercise, grocery shop the same day every week, eat dinner at the same time 
every night. You do you, and GET STUFF DONE!

11.  Stop Cursing
No one likes a potty-mouth. "Bad words" create a bad vibe--they hurt feelings, 
are unprofessional in the work-place, and are just plain thoughtless. 
Seek to express your feelings by expanding your vocabulary instead. 

12.  Act on Your First Prompting
I can't tell you how many times I've had a feeling or impression that I should do 
something, then I don't do it, and regret it forever. Sure, sometimes those feelings don't 
make sense, but 9 times out of 10, you'll be happier fulfilling that prompting 
instead of postponing or forgetting it all together. 

13.  Develop a New Talent
Try something this year that you've never done before! Take some lessons in karate 
or knitting. Attempt a baking class or take a whack at pottery (but not literally). 
You never know what talents you might have hidden within yourself. 
Discover something new and work to develop it! 

14.  Get to Know Your Neighbors
Befriending your neighbors and others in your community is a great resource! 
You'll make connections that could help in your professional and recreational life, and 
you'll feel much more comfortable running next door to ask for a cup of sugar! 

15. Make Your Bed Every Day
This is probably the easiest thing on this list! This is something you can absolutely achieve, 
and it has so many benefits! Think about it: you make your bed first thing when you 
wake up. Throughout the day, you may get behind on your to-do list, or forget 
something important. You feel like you can't get anything done. But then you remember, 
"I made my bed today". That is the very first thing you did that day, and it gives you a 
sense of accomplishment. 

Additionally, your bed is likely the largest object in your bedroom, and is therefore 
where your eyes will go to when you look around the room. When your bed is made, 
it makes the whole room feel cleaner, which will spark some form of joy. And if you're 
like me, having your bed made will make you less likely to crawl back into bed and sleep 
for longer, because you don't want to mess it up. 

Remember, anyone can change, at any time. Remember also, that a goal not written 
is just a wish! Whether your goal comes from this list or from your own mind, write it down 
and put it somewhere you will see EVERY DAY. I have my list on my bathroom mirror, and 
it helps me to be accountable to myself daily. 

You've got this. You are your biggest cheerleader, and I am your second! 
Believe in yourself, and make it happen!

If you'd like to download the cute goal and planner sheets above, visit Alyssa's shop!

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