50+ Ideas To Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

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I realize that not everyone is on a "quarantine" right now-- although I'm not quite sure that "quarantine" is even the proper word to describe this situation, considering not everyone being "quarantined" has necessarily been exposed to this virus. I feel that "isolation" is a better term to use here. I digress.

I certainly didn't see myself being in this scenario, and yet... here we are. Was I prepared for this? Absolutely not. 

I'm a young married person with no kids. I live in a very small space with my husband of two wonderful years (which I think is still considered the "newly-wed" stage? Heck, you're always a "newly-wed" to people who have been married longer than you *eye roll*, especially if you don't have kids. Which some of us don't really have a choice in that matter... Okay I'm going off on a tangent now. Ignore me.), and because we're still in that newly-wed stage, we have a very limited supply of entertainment. I own like two board games and a deck of cards. Ya feel?

Some of you may be in the same boat as me, most of you probably not. (I have mad respect for you parents having to do the home-school thing AND work from home AND still be a parent. You rock.) No matter your circumstances, I have come up with a variation of ideas that may be helpful in curbing your boredom. So without further ado, here they are! 

Cleaning and Organizing

  • Clean surfaces that don't often get cleaned. I'm talking about fan blades, TV and computer screens, your phone, the top of your fridge, baseboards... I'm sure you can think of lots of places.
  • Clean and organize your fridge/freezer.  Take out everything from your cold food hub and clean those shelves, drawers, and walls. It probably needs it more than you think. And then put everything back in a meaningful space. For example, lately, I've used the bottom shelf for meat and eggs, the shelf above that for left-overs, and then I have a section specifically for snacks. This may seem like a bit much but it has made it easier to find what I'm looking for, and food doesn't get wasted!
  • Organize your pantry. Use the same concept as above - give each item a place.
  • Organize your storage (closet, basement, attic). Things sometimes tend to get shoved into random places in our storage areas. Use boxes or totes to give all of your keepsakes a home and put like things together. Your future self will be glad you did. It might also be a good time to get rid of the junk you've been holding on to "just in case". Chances are, you probably forgot about a lot of the stuff in your storage closet until you saw it while cleaning, so if you got rid of it for good, you likely wouldn't miss it. 
  • Clean out your wardrobe. Did you know that the average american woman has about 100 items in her wardrobe, but only wears about 10% of it? Time to get rid of those items you no longer wear, sis. I promise it will make it SO much easier to get ready in the morning, ironically.
  • Purge your duplicates. Do you really need 12 cereal bowls if there are only two people living in your house? What about 4 different spatulas? Seriously. It's time to simplify.
  • Rotate/Flip your mattress. 'Cause that's a thing you're supposed to do.
  • Find all of the missing socks. If you can't find them all, find ways to re-purpose the single dudes. We have one as a grocery bag dispenser--just cut off the toe and BOOM. Free storage compartment. You could also use one to help you make a sock bun. Or two sock buns.
  • Find all of the lids/dishes to your plastic ware. And when you can't, up-cycle it or recycle it.
  • Condense your cookbooks. Look. I know you have a whole cupboard (probably above your stove or close to it) filled to the brim with cookbooks. One from your Granny, a couple you got for Christmas, and several your mom got for you when you moved out. You probably only hold on to them because they have that one recipe in it. WHAT A WASTE. Write down the recipes you want to keep and toss the book. Make your own cookbook with the recipes you save.
Technology & the Socials
  • Sift through your computer files. I did this last year and I cleared up SO much space on my hard drive. I had duplicates of songs, pictures, college papers... I didn't need all of it, and neither do you. Trash what you can and organize the rest into easy-to-locate folders.
  • Sort through your FB friends and IG followers. I have "friended" a lot of people over the last decade or more and sometimes I see someone pop up in my feed and I say "who the heck is that"? Then after some avid stalking I remember that it was a dude from my microeconomics class my sophomore year of college that I had to do a group project with and he would always talk about his girl problems and conspiracy theories... and he's still talking about the same things.... *unfriend. Are you with me?
  • Read all of your "saved" posts on FB and IG. Because if you don't do it now, you never will.
  • Read all of the bookmarked pages on your browser. ^^
  • Clear out your email inbox. You know you've been meaning to do this one for eons.
  • De-clutter your Pinterest boards. I've probably planned 6 different versions of my wedding through Pinterest. Thank heavens I didn't go with the orange and lime green theme (gag).
  • Clear out your text messages. You probably have a ton of messages from like two or more years ago that are just taking up precious storage space on your phone. Get rid of them!
  • Delete old notes on your phone.  Because same ^^
  • Delete unnecessary photos on your phone. Because also same ^^^. Plus you probably have tons of duplicates and screenshots that you just needed for that one thing that one time. Clear up that space to make room for more happy memories!
Crafty Things
  • Make a Shutterfly book. I'm working on a couple, myself. One of our wedding, and one of our first year of marriage. Maybe I'll start one all about "The 'rona Quarantine 2020". The possibilities are endless.
  • Design your dream home. This is one I've been so excited to do with my hubby!
  • Make a card and send it via snail mail. Just because.
  • Create a vision board. Where do you want to be in a year? 5 years? Bring out those magazines (and maybe cookbooks) and ransom-note the crap out of that poster board. Or cardboard. Or whatever you've got on hand.
  • Paint by number. Hayden has been doing this for over a week and he's thoroughly enjoying it. There are even pages online you can print out and paint or color so you don't have to go out and buy one!
  • Sew/Knit. It could be useful to you someday!
  • Read all those books on your bookshelf. Oh did you plan on using them just for decor?
  • Start a book club. With one of those books you read. But do it virtually, of course.
  • Research where you want to travel and plan out a trip. I've done this in the past and it seriously helps out so much for when you do visit that place, even if it's years in the future! Just save a file on your computer or write it in your journal. Keep it somewhere safe that you'll remember.
  • Plan a stay-cation in your local area. When out-of-town visitors ask you what there is to do near you, do you draw blanks? Do some research and plan out a weekend stay-cation in your town or a nearby city to get a tourist's experience. Don't actually DO the stay-cation for a while though...
  • Make a bucket list. You probably have a mental list of things you want to do, but writing it down will make them more real! "A goal not written is just a wish".
  • Build a fort. Have a movie night. Or afternoon. Or morning.
  • Have a board game tournament. Winner gets... an extra serving of oatmeal.
  • Do a puzzle. The more pieces, the more time you pass.
  • Catch up on "the classics". I've never seen Star Wars. My husband has never seen Mary Poppins. We're working on it.
  • Play Hide and Seek. Although the two of us may run out of hiding spots in our 1,000 sq. ft. apartment.
  • Find some new music. I love finding new music to enjoy and to use in my work. There are several ways to do this--Pandora and Spotify have great recommendations, but you can also just hop on YouTube and just hit the "suggested" videos on the side bar until you find something great. That's how I discovered We The Kings in '07 and later on discovered K-Pop... I don't even know how that happened. *shrug*
  • Have a picnic. Enjoy your lunch outside and get some fresh air. And Vitamin D!
  • Join the world of Tik Tok. I know, I know... You don't actually ever have to post anything, but learning the dances and such sure is fun!
  • Have a cooking contest. Hayden and I did this when we were dating and it has been one of our favorite memories to date! Pick a few ingredients and see what you can come up with!
Photo by Angele J from Pexels

  • Family History. I don't do it often enough, but when I do learn about my ancestors, I am always so fascinated! I've also found some pretty promising options for baby names...
  • Call loved ones you haven't spoken to in a while. Do not text them.
  • Interview your parents. My dad passed away two years ago and there is so much I don't know about him; so much I want to ask. I highly encourage you to do this to your parents, spouse, grandparents, etc.
  • Improve your relationship with God. Spend time with Him in the scriptures and in prayer.
  • Support a local small business. Buy their merch. Order food to-go. Or simply donate if you can.
Learn Something New
  • Speak a new language. Duo Lingo is a great app for this!
  • Learn a new skill. I learned how to french braid several years ago but struggle to do it on myself. I plan to fix that. I also need to find some new hairstyles because the messy bun doesn't always do the trick for me anymore.
  • Play an instrument. There are numerous online courses for this.
  • Fix it yourself. Don't call a repair man (unless its extremely technical and/or dangerous). Many of the repairs in your home can be done with a couple of tools and a little elbow grease. One of my favorite memories with Hayden is when we unclogged our kitchen sink together. There was a lot of laughter... and a lot of vegetable scraps...
  • Learn how to do the thing you never learned how to do. I never learned how to make a paper airplane. Or blow a bubble. Judge me.
  • Research a topic you've been curious on, and write a short essay on it. Or don't.
  • Learn to cook the basics--from scratch. Learning to make bread, pasta, salsa, and so many other commonly used food staples could save you so much money. Plus its so fun!
  • Pamper yourself. Because you deserve it! Break out the face masks, nail polish, and hair treatments. Drink some herbal tea and soak in the tub. You do you, boo boo!
  • Journal. I cannot even begin to explain how therapeutic this is for me. I'm sure it will be for you as well. If you don't have a journal, just use some scrap paper. You don't have to write a novel, just dump out your thoughts! Putting them into words will work wonders for your mind.
  • Set goals and make plans. You want to wake up earlier? You want to lose weight? Eat better? Get more sleep? Be more helpful? Make a plan. And write it down. Little by little, you will get there.
  • Exercise. Because you're not getting much of it sitting around at home!

Well, there you have it folks. My brain dump for the day. What other ideas have you come up with? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy isolating!

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